Iraqi Music – Articles and Resources

Harmonies in Old Iraq, The Age, Sept 22, 2007, by Arnold Zable

Yeskeil kojaman - Iraqi Jews and the music, Nov 27, 2010

Tuning Baghdad – An audio-visual collection from the Iraqi-Jewish music scene, curated by Regine Basha

Celebration of Saleh Al Kuwaity, Iraq’s Great  Composer

PhD Dissertation by Esther Warkov, PhD in Ethnomusicology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dissertation:  The Urban Arabic Repertoire of Jewish Professional Musicians in Iraq and Israel


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Arnold Zable  (author)

Nita Jawary (writer, artist)

Andrew Harris (photographer)

Kavisha Mazzella (singer/songwriter)

Mesopotamia Group (Iraqi music band)

The Boite (world music cafe)


Lucy Elkivity (artist, illustrator) – Israel

Sarah Manasseh (ethnomusicologist, performer) – UK

Renee Silberman (music promoter) – Canada

Tony and Mira Rocca (authors) - France

Gail Silva (film consultant, curator) – USA

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